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Sharmi Junet (07.03.2004, 19:15)
Hai there,
I am Sharmi.... Have a Pentium 4 system with 40GB HardDisk. I am
using both Windows 98 and Windows XP. Till last week, my system showed
3 harddisk drives(C,D,E) and 2 CD drives (F-CDROM and G-CD R/W) in 98.
But it showed 4 Harddisk drives(C,D,E,F) and 2 CD drives (G-CDROM and
I-CD R/W) in XP.
But, now it shows the E drive as CD drive in 98. When the Performance
tab is watched in Properties, The following details are displayed.
Memory : 224.0 MB of RAM
system resources: 75%-82% free(not simulataneously)
File System :Some disks are using MS-DOS file system.
And the problem description is shown as Drive-E is using MS-DOS
compatibility mode file system.

While the system Boots, Drive E is shown as Driver CDROM unit 0 and
Drive F as CDROM unit 1.

When I tried to access the files in DOS mode, e:/ allows to enter into
the E drive, but when Dir command is given to list the files,
"Not ready reading Drive R. Abort,Retry,Fail?"
message is displayed.

Initially, All the drives, including E used the FAT32 file system.
Now the system performance is completely decreased for the E-drive and
also, has slowed down. What shd I do to solve this?
It makes me mad due to the decreased spped, when I swithchon my
system. Hope ur kind suggestions will turn me bright.
I tried to update the drivers, but in vein. Waiting for ur
Plz, mail to sharmi_junet if u have any suggestions or
post a followup.plz
Thanks in Advance
Tuan Besar aka Jan (07.03.2004, 19:32)
[This followup was posted to nl.comp.hardware and a copy was sent to the
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sharmi_junet says...
> lz, mail to sharmi_junet if u have any suggestions or
> post a followup.plz
> Thanks in Advance
> -Sharmi
>a. This is a Dutch group and according to this we talk Dutch.

b. This is a hardware newsgroup.
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