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Hallo iedereen. Veel zeezenderopnames vanmorgen met veel dank aan de Offshore Radio dowload groep. (her)beluister dit op [..] Nico.
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....en (her)beluister nu ook [..] Nico.
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....lees en zie nu ook [..] Nico.
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....(her)beluister nu ook [..] Nico.
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....(her)beluister nu ook [..] Nico.
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....op [..] staat nu dit te lezen: Nico.

Chris Dannatt's excellent Flashback 67 Pirate Radio Exhibition, the
largest collection of offshore radio memorabilia in the UK has a North
of England mini-tour this year.

Dates are

Sat / Sun: May 12th - 13th
Otley Rugby Club, Cross Green, Otley, North Yorkshire
Retro Weekend 1000-1700 daily

At 1 p.m on Saturday there will be a one hour talk on Radio Caroline
by Peter Clayton and Graham L Hall

Sat / Sun / Mon : May 26th - 27th - 28th -
Trolleybus Museum - Sandtoft, Lincolnshire
Bank Holiday Running Weekend, 1000-1630 daily

Sat / Sun: July 14th - 15th -
North York Moors Railway, Pickering Station Car Park
Fabulous 60s event, 1000-1700 daily

Further details on the Pirate Memories website : [..]


En op [..] staat nu dit te lezen:

There's a new Free Radio Forum, contributors include Peter Moore


They are also posting a weekly archive recording to their Mixcloud
channel, so far they have posted The RFL story and the first Radio
Free London broadcast.

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....(her)beluister nu ook [..] Nico.
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....lees en zie daarnaast nu ook [..] Nico.
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