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Bert(AWRvB) (13.08.2019, 02:13)
The REAL reason for the Iraq war? Saddam Hussein 'had stargate portal to
alien world'.

SADDAM’s weapons of mass destruction were one of the main reasons for
George W. Bush’s invasion of Iraq in 2003.

But those weapons were never conclusively found – and the questionable
underpinnings of the second Gulf War have blighted the reputations of
both Bush and his UK counterpart, Tony Blair, ever since.

Why would two men who were so focused their political reputation and
legacy launch such a dangerous operation on such an unreliable pretext?

One Australian scientist thinks he has the answer.

Dr Michael E. Salla believes that the ‘dodgy dossier’ that Bush and
Blair used as a pretext for invading Iraq in 2003 was a cover for a
wilder, even more unbelievable motive.

Salla claims that aliens that he identifies as being from the mysterious
10th Planet of the Solar System, Nibiru, had a long-runningrelationship
with the people of the Iraq / Iran region.

In a paper entitled Exopolitical Perspective on the Premptive War
Against Iraq he says that there is evidence for a long-term alien
involvement in the area, dating back to the earliest days of the
Sumerian civilization that once dominated the fertile lands along the
banks of Euphrates.



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Jos Bergervoet (13.08.2019, 15:19)
On 19/08/13 2:13 AM, Bert(AWRvB) wrote:
> The REAL reason for the Iraq war? Saddam Hussein 'had stargate portal to
> alien world'.

Die 'drone' die zogenaamd zou zijn neergeschoten laatst, dat was
natuurlijk ook niet echt een drone! En ik hoef hier toch niet te
gaan uitleggen wat het wel was? (Ze kunnen soms met enorme snelheid
wegschieten en dan lijkt het inderdaad alsof zo'n schotel uit de
lucht geschoten is..)
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